Sensor Solutions

The Tri-axial Pressure and Shear (TRIPS) technology is a sensor technology which allows simultaneous measurement of both pressure (i.e. load normal to the surface) and shear (i.e. load tangential to the surface) in 3 directions. The sensor is thin and flexible and thus it can be applied at a range of interfaces.

TRIPS is not only the sensor, but a complete sensor system solution, featuring wireless collection of measured loads and their display in real-time.

The technology is easily transferable to a broad range of applications, including medical (e.g. in-soles, wheelchairs), automotive (e.g. seatbelts, seating), human-machine interface (e.g. gaming touch pads, joysticks), haptics and robotics etc.

The sensor was developed by the research group at the University of Southampton led by Professor Liudi Jiang, and have been successfully demonstrated at human body interface, including prosthetic use. Please click here to find the BBC report on how the TRIPS sensors may help the amputees indicate risk of pressure sores.

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