National Winner of the IMechE 2019 Healthcare Technologies Early Career Awards

Congratulations to Jinghua Tang who received the prestigious DePuy Prize for his PhD research in “Biomechanical Analysis of Lower Limb Amputee Socket Interface” at the annual event hosted by IMechE Biomedical Engineering Division on 19th June 2019. More details can be found via IMechE website:

As one of the three finalists from applications across the country, Jinghua’ s podium presentation impressed the Jury Panel composed of a mix of BmED Board members and industrial partners, which led to his winning of this Prize. Jinghua is supervised by Prof. Liudi Jiang (Primary Supervisor-Mech. Eng.), Prof. Dan Bader (2nd Supervisor-Health Sciences) and Prof. David Moser (Industry Supervisor—Blatchford)

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