Research Areas

Research Areas

Lower limb amputees

  • Multiple sensors can be positioned inside the prosthetic socket

  • Triaxial pressure and shear outputs are collected during daily ambulation

  • Indicative of socket fit, component alignment, amputee gait, tissue viability, etc

Prosthetic hand wearers 

  • Attached to fingertip of a human or prosthetic hand

  • Real-time gripping and slipping detection

  • Sensory feedback for neuro-prosthetics

  • Hand biomechanical analysis

Wheelchair users

  • Muscular skeletal rehabilitation studies

  • Sports training and monitoring

  • Upper limb dysfunction diagnostic for patients

Chest compression during CPR

Real-time feedback to multi-directional forces and displacement during CPR (*the rate observed in this video is for bench testing purpose only, which is slower than the clinical CPR rate of 100-120 compressions per minute.)

Wearable in-shoe sensing (LOMIS Project)

Load Monitoring and Intervention system (LOMIS) is an instrumented insole system incorporating novel three directional force sensors to monitor real time pressure and shear forces under the foot and physical activity profiles over time.